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For more than 20 years, we have been advising national and international medium-sized companies in Germany on filling their key positions. As experienced executive search specialists, we search for and recruit executives and experts on their behalf.

Sustainable placements with sustainable Consulting approach

Consulting approach

Innovative strength, decisiveness, creating value - these are the central elements of SME culture. Whether SME business, mid-sized company or large group of mid-sized companies - in order for you to remain competitive and innovative, we search for and recruit on your behalf exactly those executives & experts whose potential will become the success factor of your company.

The objectives, management cultures, and shareholder expectations of medium-sized companies are very different. We are familiar with all facets of the specific management requirements of agile SME structures. We capture the specific cultural context of each project assignment, pay attention to all details and go the extra mile for you.

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More transparency brings more certainty for the right staffing

Executive Search

The standard toolbox for identifying a functional responsibility is not sufficient in the search for the best leadership personality for your company. Only the right interplay of shareholder expectations, business model, leadership competence, and personality will bring success.

That's why we dig deep, analyze leadership cultures and character traits, and assess them specifically in their respective context. In-depth industry knowledge, 20 years of experience, and an excellent network put us in a position to reliably recognize and assess these elementary success factors.

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Finding your experts is our profession

Expert Search

The search approach for experts follows a different logic. Together with you, we formulate a profile with precise contours. The sharper the profile, the more efficient the search.

Valid experts are much more difficult to identify; the technical effort required to find and address them is significantly more quantitative and also methodologically more complex. The salary ranges are narrower and the target markets are more regional due to the limited mobility of candidates. The professional criteria dominate and thus limit the set of potential candidates.

All this requires more than a keyword-based search in online networks. We accept the challenge of meticulous search and plausible staffing because we master our profession in all dimensions and on every level.

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We already know your interim manager of tomorrow

Interim Management Pool

To ensure that a sudden gap in your company does not leave a deep crater, we also support you in interim management. New challenges in long-term projects or complex turnaround processes sometimes require fast and nevertheless excellent personnel solutions.

The boundaries to our core competence, executive search, are fluid and our network in interim management is resilient. We will find the right person for you, even on a temporary basis - quickly, reliably, and with focus. If you as a company have a need or as an executive are planning a change or entry, please contact us.

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With your talent begins our challenge


Nothing is as constant as change - this also or especially applies to your career. Whether as an executive, expert, or interim manager, our network is large, well-founded, and has grown continuously over 20 years. So if you feel the desire for change, feel free to contact us or send us your CV directly with supplementary information on income and regional and time availability.

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