Our clients are companies with strong cultures and distinctive shareholder structures: SMEs, family businesses, mid-sized groups, PE companies, and start-ups. Find here a selection of the positions we have filled, recognize our network.

Manufacturing Sector

Our industry know-how and networks lie in the following markets: Automotive | Mechanical and Plant Engineering | Chemical Industry | Mechanical and Electronic Components | Industrial Services.
Function Industry Revenue € Location
Hof Manufactoring Metal construction 25 Mio. Ingolstadt
Hof Purchasing Automotive 15 Mio. Stuttgart
CEO Mechanical Engineering 25 Mio. Duisburg
Hof Electronial Construction Mechanical Engineering 65 Mio. Bielefeld
CFO Automotive 80 Mio. Stuttgart
Hof Sales Automotive 60 Mio. München
Hof Strategy Chemical Industry 900 Mio. Rhien-Ruhr
Hof Operational Excellence Packaging Industry 1 Mrd. Rhein Ruhr
Country Manager Germany Electronics 80 Mio. OWL
CEO Metal Construction 60 Mio. Bergisches Land

Consumer Goods & Retail

Our core sectors: Consumer goods | Media | Trade (retail/wholesale) | Services.
Function Industry Revenue € Location
CFO Retail - Non food 1.8 Mrd. Rhein-Ruhr
Hof Construction Retail - Non food 5 Mrd. Rhein-Ruhr
Hof Marketing Retail - Non food 6 Mrd. Rhein-Ruhr
Hof HR Retail - Lifestyle 3.5 Mrd. Rhein-Ruhr
National KAM Consumer - Food 200 Mio. Frankfurt
CEO Wholesale - Automotive 12 Mio. Bremen
Hof E-Commerce Retail - Fashion 350 Mio. Köln
Hof International Expansion Retail - Fashion 5 Mrd. Rhein-Ruhr
Hof Pricing Retal - Non food 3 Mrd. Rhein- Ruhr
Director Group Accounting Retal - Non food 6 Mrd. Rhein-Ruhr

Service & Consulting

Our know-how includes: WP companies, corporate/strategic consultancies, trade fair construction & live marketing, mobility service providers, service centres, technical or logistical services, agencies, publishers.
Function Industry Revenue € Location
MD Live Marketing, Fair & Exhibtions 150 Mio. Frankfurt
Hof Group Accounting Financial Services 1.2 Mrd. Rhein-Ruhr
Director Operations Retail Services 30 Mio. Rhein-Ruhr
CFO ion spe Public Sector 200 Mio. Rhein-Ruhr
Hof Operations Mobility Servoces 600 Mio. Stuttgart
Airport Manager Airport Services 60 Mio. Rhein-Ruhr
Hof Marketing Automotive 650 Mio. Stuttgart
Hof Sales Publishing Company 60 Mio. Frankfurt
Hof Accounting Financial Services 1 Mrd. Rhein-Ruhr
Sales Director Germany Media Agency 60 Mio. Hamburg