For Companies

With our consulting approach and our networks, we are deeply rooted in the value systems and management culture of medium-sized companies in Germany.

We have almost 20 years of consulting experience and have filled over 500 key positions. Every year we hold more than 400 personal interviews with executives.

We are discreet, honest, confidential and provide our services to the highest professional standards. Companies appreciate our professionalism and efficiency. 

The right partner and the right method. Comprehensive competencies and intelligent concepts.

Executive Search

Our core business

Understanding customer needs, creating a profile

The targeted direct search and recruitment of managing directors and executives is our core business. The objective of each search is to find and sign the best possible candidate within 100 days. The overriding yardstick for success here is long-term success. Only if the candidate succeeds in your company will you be satisfied and continue to work with us. Our entire network is based on this understanding of quality.

For an exact profiling it is important not only to penetrate and classify the functional profile, but also the context of task, corporate strategy, leadership and performance culture. What is really important in your company, what is important. The clear-cut result then looks different for every company. This is what distinguishes consulting from mediation for us. For this context-based approach, the consultant's attitude and knowledge are critical to success.

Executive assessment and finding the perfect fit

A methodical search process is fundamental. We maintain close and long-standing networks with executives in and outside of Germany. Current searches are added to the circle for each search request. For the search process we use the possibilities of digitization and combine them with the individuality of classical executive search.

In addition to professional qualifications, we evaluate and question the social framework conditions, behaviours, attitudes and motivations with which the previous challenges have been mastered. We supplement our impressions with a psychometric test procedure. This holistic assessment provides a differentiated picture of personal, professional and cognitive skills.

Our order is not completed after conclusion of the contract. We accompany onboarding and remain in long-term contact with you and your manager.

Executive Assessment

Targeted analysis and assessment. For sound management decisions.

It is conceived as an integrated part of your executive staff development process. The added value comes from the fact that your internal view of the executive is supplemented by the consultant's neutral, external assessment. We conduct it only as an individual assessment for one executive or a small group. The assessment is an individual development tool. Alternatively, in the case of strategic or organisational restructuring, it is a valid instrument for increasing the certainty of making the right decision when filling key positions critical to the company's success.

It is ensured via the resultant insights that all positions are filled to optimum effect. The recommendations for development measures, on the other hand, ensure that the executives of tomorrow are being prepared for their future challenges.

Executive Outplacement

Accompany the separation process fairly and constructively

We take on a maximum of 30 outplacement consultations per year for managing directors and executives. This ensures that we can meet the needs of each individual candidate individually. The objective of outplacement consulting is that the candidate has found the right job and signed a contract within 3 to 6 months.

Our clients are companies that want to accompany the separation process fairly and constructively.

Our evaluation approach is highly focused on rapid results. If the initial contact for a new function is not established after three months after an exemption, the probability of a longer phase of unemployment is high. If you've been out of a job for 12 months, you're'burned'. It is therefore essential not to lose any time, to take the right measures quickly and to approach the appropriate contact persons in a targeted manner. This is where our advice comes in.

Our consulting approach is not the point of view of classic outplacement consultants or psychologists. It is the point of view of hiring decision-makers in companies. Since our core business is executive search, we master this perspective in all its nuances. The centre therefore forms a fact-oriented market value analysis of the development.

We advise candidates from A-Z. We also provide our network. The approach is structured and based on defined milestones. The duration of the consultation is not limited. We advise until the right position is found. The scope and intensities vary from case to case. We are prepared for this.