For Candidates

With our consulting approach and our networks, we are deeply rooted in the value systems and management culture of medium-sized companies in Germany.

We have almost 20 years of consulting experience and have filled over 500 key positions. Every year we hold more than 400 personal interviews with executives.

Managers value us because of the individual, partnership-based cultivation of relationships throughout the entire management life cycle.

The right steps, on the right track. Successful positioning.

Career Advisory

You would like to approach the professional change purposefully and efficiently

We advise management personalities in questions of professional (re)positioning. Either ad hoc on a specific occasion (e.g. leave of absence) or in the context of strategic career planning. We do not do this from the perspective of psychologists or classic outplacement consultants. We advise you very rationally and market-oriented from the perspective of decision-makers in companies. The objective is to develop individually suitable options for action so that you can find the appropriate function as quickly as possible.

The professional re-positioning is a difficult and often leading event in the event of unexpected redundancies. The relevant job market for managers is hidden. The own contacts to decision-makers in companies or to personnel consultants come from the previous professional system. The establishment of new contacts is time-consuming.

In many cases, the self-assessment of the manager and external assessment of the market diverge considerably. The result is that there is too much waiting or wrong action. If, for example, the initial contact for a new function is not established after three months after an exemption, the probability for a longer phase of unemployment is high.

It is therefore essential not to lose any time, to take the right measures quickly and to approach the appropriate contact persons in a targeted manner. This is where our advice comes in. Based on your competence profile and your objectives, we will give you concrete recommendations on how to proceed correctly and on the "Dos and Don't.

In addition, we will compile an individual list of target companies that are suitable for you.

Afterwards we accompany you with words & deeds until you have found a new position. If it fits, we also open our network to companies.

Leader Lounge

Possibilities become realities

Are you in your current position or were you a managing director in your last position? You are active or passive in search of a new challenge. Then we invite you to our Leader Lounge. We will inform you about suitable vacancies. Your data will of course be treated confidentially and absolutely discreetly. No data will be passed on to third parties without your consent.

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SME Panel

Your Opinion is important to us

Our SME panel is a mouthpiece and a sounding board of SME executives and companies. Several times a year, we ask you your view on relevant and current company and staff management issues. We provide the results in consolidated, anonymised form to the public, politicians and interest groups. We invite you to become a member of the panel. If you are interested, please register here.

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