What we do

As an executive search specialist, we are exclusively dedicated to the search, recruitment and consulting of managing directors and executives. For almost 20 years we have been deeply rooted in the value systems and management culture of national and international SMEs in Germany. We conduct more than 400 personal interviews per year with executives and have experience from more than 500 consulting projects. We focus on three sectors: Consumer, Industry and Public Sector.

SME means more than just 'small' or 'medium sized'. It's an issue of management culture


From the perspective of corporate management, medium-sized businesses are not defined by turnover or the number of employees, but above all by cultural characteristics. A value-oriented and more person-oriented management culture is characteristic.

Authority comes more from the person and not the role.

SME structures in particular place extremely high demands on management personnel. Decisions generally have to be taken faster in order to ensure a competitive edge, while wrong decisions have a quicker impact than at large groups. Authority comes more from the person and not the role. However, management authority does not mean pulling and leading staff through the process in a hierarchical way. Rather, in an era of increased networking and cross-company projects it also means shaping cooperation and uniting high achievers under a common goal.

Close to the customer, focussed on results and sustainable.

Our array of clients extends from small and large SMEs, the hidden champions outside the metropolitan regions, all the way to major independent companies with turnover figures in the billions. A significant number of our clients are family-run or family-owned businesses. We know from experience the specific set of experiences, knowledge and skills that executives need to have to succeed in this environment. It is in this that we specialise.

The Cultural Fit makes the difference

Filling positions successfully for the long term

Personnel decisions are an essential issue for SME businesses, as it is only by having key positions filled for the long term by appropriate specialist and executive staff that a lasting contribution is made to achieving the company's financial goals. It is therefore extremely important to find candidates that match the vacancy and the corporate objectives.

Experience shows that where new appointments fail to work out it is not down to executives lacking any vocational qualifications. The vocational fit can be assessed and predicted with relative certainty. It is the cultural fit between an executive's personality and the management and performance culture of the company that differentiates a good candidate from an excellent one. This is to do above all with social skills and personal values.

We know about our clients' specific characteristics and during the search process evaluate only those candidates who perfectly combine appropriate professional and human factors.

Key positions in Germany

Sustainable corporate development

We focus on filling executive roles and positions of trust within a company's core or extended senior management team: executive directors, chief executives, divisional and departmental managers.

Our clients' activities reach across the globe. They are national and international companies that operate from Germany in both national and international markets. On their behalf, we will fill any key position, as long as it is based in Germany. We both run our executive search and maintain our network of contacts on a worldwide basis. We stay, for instance, in close touch with executives based abroad who for personal or family reasons want to return to Germany.

Depending on the size and structure of the company, exposed specialist functions are also of critical relevance to success. In individual cases, we also fill such functions if the strategic importance of the function justifies a direct search.